Sonntag, 8. Februar 2015

easy pancakes

hey everyone :)
so lately i ate a tons of pancakes, amongst others because i got a pancake pan for christmas. in this wonderful pan you can make 7 small, perfect pancakes at once! therefore i had a lot of time to create a new recipe with less ingredients and shorter, easyer instructions. because especially in the morning i am happy about a low prep time :D


* 1 ripe banana
* 130g buckwheat flour
* 300ml water
* 1 to 3tbs unrefined cane sugar
* 1/3tsp baking powder

simply mash the banana with the water. stir in baking powder, sugar and flour and blend well. add the dough to the pan and bake them from both sides on low heat. serve with your favorite fruits and sauce &enjoy <3

Dienstag, 30. Dezember 2014

indian curry

hey everyone :)
hope you all had a merry christmas and some stress-free days! 
today i'm showing you an indian curry. the chickpeas are quite unusual for a curry but i crave for them a lot lately and i really liked the combination.
so let's start guys:

don't wonder about the amount of leek,
my scale was broken and i'm soo
bad at projecting weight O.o


* 10cm leek
* 2 bell peppers
* 1 orange
* 1/2 mango
* thumb ginger
* 2tbs curry powder
* 200g chicpeas
* 5tbs coconut milk
* kukumar
* pepper

fill the bottom of your pot with six inches of water. when it starts boiling add the cutted leek and the bell peppers. boil the water away and add the juice of the orange and the mango. after 5 minutes add the ginger, all the spices and the coconut milk. if you want it to be a bit more liquid add as much water as you like. after some more minutes fill in the rinsed chicpeas. 
serve with rice &enjoy <3

Donnerstag, 11. Dezember 2014

dumplings with mushroom sauce

hey everyone :)
some of you may have noticed that it's not too far from christmas eve anymore *screech* so i thought it would be appropriate to share a christmas eve dinner recipe with you.
this is my first christmas as a 100% vegan so i didn't really had an idea what to eat at christmas just because it was a question that i never really thought about. i don't like potato dumplings and i also don't want to use replacement products, i still feel like this is beneath my dignity. i mean we are creative enough to create a vegan christmas dinner that consists of more than just soy products, right? and of course i want my family and friends to realise that it's possible to have a delicious, festive meal without using animal products.
so i started to experiment in the kitchen and that's what came out:

just in case you're wondering: i used lemon balm
as decoration because i sadly ran out of
parsley :D 

 ingredients dumplings:

* 200g gf bread
* 125nl rice milk (or any other sort of vegan milk)
* 1 no egg (or other egg replacement products)
* 2 medium-sized onions
* parsley
* pepper
* nutmeg
* salt (optional)

at first it's really imoprtant to know that you have to prepare this recipe one day advance because the bread needs to be really dry. i used a glutenfee ciabatta bread by "schär" which you put in the ofen or the toaster before you eat it, so i preapared it as it's said on the packing. after that there is nothing left to do but waiting for the next day. now you cut the dry bread into little cubes, put them into a bowl and add the milk and the spices and stir well. cut the onions and brown them slightly in a bit of oil. put the onions and the parsley into the bowl and stir again, then let it brew for about half an hour.
after the 30 minutes you knead the mass until it sticks together as one. now take a din a4 sized piece of cling film, place a roll of dough in the lower third of the cling film. furl it and put the ends in rollers as you would pack a bonbon and secure it by knoting a twine aroud it. make sure the knot is right next to the end of the dumpling roll. if you want to make round dumplings simply form balls out of the dough and wrap them into cling film the same way.
place the rolls or balls into hot water, it shouldn't boil anymore so they just brew on a low heat. depending on the size take them out after 15 to 25 minutes.
as the last step you slice them up and if you like it you can brown them a bit in the pan like i did with a few of them.

ingredients mushroom sauce:

* 800g mushrooms
* 70ml rice milk
* 3tbs flour

cut the mushrooms into small pieces and roast them in a pan with a bit of oil. if you don't want to any fat just fill the bottom of your pan or pot with boiling water and add the mushrooms. just wait a few minutes and a moment before they get burnt, deglaze the pan with rice milk. sift the flour into the pan and stir well. after a while the sauce will get a creamy texture. by adding more flour or liquid (milk or water) you can change the texture until the sauce is the way you like it. 
at christmas eve i will eat this with red cabbage, and that's already it! dish up&enjoy <3

Mittwoch, 29. Oktober 2014

french toast

hey everyone :)
this is my vegan "french toast" recipe, i don't know if there is already  a special word for it like vrench toast (see what i did there #socreative) but anyhow, i really really like it although i've been sceptical. before i became vegan, i've never been eating sweet french toast, only hearty, so i couldn't really imagine it to be nice this way as well, but now i love it!


* gluten free bread
* 2 bananas
* 100ml rice milk
* blueberry soy yoghurt & some more bananas (optional, not needed for the frenchtoast)

for making french toast it's important that the bread is hard, you can use old bread but you can also toast it or put it in the oven until it's crispy. in a bowl mash the bananas with the rice milk and dip the bread into the mixture until it absorbs some of it. now place the bread into a pan (if it's not coated heat up some oil in it first) and fry it on low heat until they are crispy and brown. 
For this version of french toast i mixed some bananas  and blueberries with some blueberry soy yoghurt (the first one i tried besides the natural one, sooo good!) and dipped the bread into the yoghurt smoothie. but i also like them with some berries or mangos, that's totally up to you. in any case place the french toast and your chosen side dish on your plate & enjoy <3

Freitag, 24. Oktober 2014

mashed rice flakes

hey everyone :)
so today i'm going to present you my newest everyday breakfast. i just love it soo much and you can combine it with every fruit you want and it's always delicious! 
it all started when maja made me some of these awsome rice flakes for breakfast. I was addicted immediately and now i'm eating it literally every morning. forgive me, smoothies, i still love you from afar.

i love this combination of warm pulp, hot 
fruits and cinnamon, perfect for this cold
and windy weather.
i really can't wait for christmas anymore,
i want to go on a christmas market and
listen to christmas songs all day long!


* 70g rice flakes
* 100ml water
* 80 ml rice milk
* cinnamon (about 1/3 teaspoon)
* 50g raspberries
* 1 banana

in a small pot heat up the flakes with the water and rice milk until it reaches your prefered texture. now add the cinnamon and the fruits. i used frozen raspberries and heated them up because i love hot raspberries. but as i said before you can eat this pulp with every fruit you like. if you want you can also add some agave syrup. eat as long as it's still hot & enjoy <3

Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2014

dangerous yellow lentils soup

hey everyone :)
finally a new blogpost, so sorry for beeing off for such a long time!
but anyway, i had a sleepover with my vegan bae maja where she helped me creating some layout stuff for the blog and of course we also had to eat something. so we created a new recipe that we want to share with you guys!
it was very extempored and i dont have the exact indications of ingredients but it will work this way as well i guess.

look at the colours, look at them *_*

while we added some herbs to the soop, a little 
splash of hot soup savaged my arm and i got 
burned very very badly and my arm nearly 
fell off, not pushing it!!!


* 1 big garlic clove
* 1 big red onion
* thumb of ginger
* coriander
* parsley
* 350g yellow lentils
* 10 savoy cabbage leaves+branchs

cook the lentils and the branchs of the savoy for 15 minutes, add garlic, onion and ginger and simmer for five more minutes. grab your hand mixer and purée until you have a noce creamy texture. cut the savoy leaves into pieces and add with the coriander and parsley. simmer it for about 8 minutes, then fill into bowls &enjoy <3

Dienstag, 30. September 2014

meringue cake

hey everyone :)
i've been craving for something sweet lately hehe :D
also i wanted to use my orgran no egg and i haven't been trying it for meringue yet :)

normally my family isn't that excited about
vegan food, but this one went down 
ver well ;)


* 2 bananas
* 100g oats
* 40g amaranth
* 100g puffed rice
* 30ml milk

* 200g frozen raspberries
* orgran no egg (or any other egg refund)
* 100g cane sugar

in a bowl mash the bananas and add the four following ingredients. cover a baking sheet or a small cake tin with baking paper and add the dough. place in the oven at 200C at top and bottom heat for 10-15 minutes. while waiting, mix 14 "eggs" (14tsp no egg power and 28tbs water) with the powdered cane sugar. when the time has come, put the raspberries on top of the crust and pour the meringue over everything. back in the oven for about 20minutes. maybe your meringue won't get super fluffy the first time but it will taste awsome anyway :D cut into pieces 5 minutes after getting it out of the oven & enjoy <3