Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2014

dangerous yellow lentils soup

hey everyone :)
finally a new blogpost, so sorry for beeing off for such a long time!
but anyway, i had a sleepover with my vegan bae maja where she helped me creating some layout stuff for the blog and of course we also had to eat something. so we created a new recipe that we want to share with you guys!
it was very extempored and i dont have the exact indications of ingredients but it will work this way as well i guess.

look at the colours, look at them *_*

while we added some herbs to the soop, a little 
splash of hot soup savaged my arm and i got 
burned very very badly and my arm nearly 
fell off, not pushing it!!!


* 1 big garlic clove
* 1 big red onion
* thumb of ginger
* coriander
* parsley
* 350g yellow lentils
* 10 savoy cabbage leaves+branchs

cook the lentils and the branchs of the savoy for 15 minutes, add garlic, onion and ginger and simmer for five more minutes. grab your hand mixer and purée until you have a noce creamy texture. cut the savoy leaves into pieces and add with the coriander and parsley. simmer it for about 8 minutes, then fill into bowls &enjoy <3

Dienstag, 30. September 2014

meringue cake

hey everyone :)
i've been craving for something sweet lately hehe :D
also i wanted to use my orgran no egg and i haven't been trying it for meringue yet :)

normally my family isn't that excited about
vegan food, but this one went down 
ver well ;)


* 2 bananas
* 100g oats
* 40g amaranth
* 100g puffed rice
* 30ml milk

* 200g frozen raspberries
* orgran no egg (or any other egg refund)
* 100g cane sugar

in a bowl mash the bananas and add the four following ingredients. cover a baking sheet or a small cake tin with baking paper and add the dough. place in the oven at 200C at top and bottom heat for 10-15 minutes. while waiting, mix 14 "eggs" (14tsp no egg power and 28tbs water) with the powdered cane sugar. when the time has come, put the raspberries on top of the crust and pour the meringue over everything. back in the oven for about 20minutes. maybe your meringue won't get super fluffy the first time but it will taste awsome anyway :D cut into pieces 5 minutes after getting it out of the oven & enjoy <3

Samstag, 27. September 2014

pineapple smoothie

hey everyone :)
a friend asked me to upload a pineapple smoothie recipe, so this is for you sassi :D <3
i have a smoothie for breakfast every morning but i normally don't post the recipes because i feel like they taste great no matter what you put in the mixer :)
but if you're interested in some more smoothie creations let me know :)


* 4 smaller bananas
* 3/4 pineapple

mix bananas and pineapple with 50ml of water on high level until smooth & enjoy <3
uhm, thats it... :D

Donnerstag, 18. September 2014

colourful soy yogurt muesli

hey everyone :)
i am so excited to show the following recipe, it's so beautiful and delicious! :o
the perfect combination haha :D doesn't always apply to my food O.o
i had some soy yogurt left and played around a bit with it as a smoothie alernative :)
so here is what happened :D

i whish bananas would be as white as soy yogurt,
then all of my smoothies would be this 
bright-coloured :o

i think this is the first time i eat something
cereal-like since i became vegan :D


* 250g soy yogurt
* 2 kakis
* 100g berries (i used a frozen mix with blackberries, currants, raspberries and blueberries)
* 4tbs oats
* 3tbs amaranth
* 3tbs puffed rice
* 1tsp agave syrup

at first cover a baking tray with baking paper and add the oats, amaranth and puffed rice and trickle the syrup over the whole tray. place the baking tray in the oven at 180C for 12 minutes. 
put 30ml of water, the berries and 100g soy yogurt into the mixer and blend until smooth. fill into a jar and save some tablespoons in a small cup. 
get the "cereals" out of the oven and put 1 tablespoon of the mixture into the jar. the third layer are 50g of the soy yogurt (pure). after cleaning the mixer fill in 30ml of water, 100g yogurt and the kakis. fill into the jar too. now simply put everything that's left on top - finished :) to be honest, after taking the pictures i dumped everything into a large bowl, much easier to eat :D 
so, no matter how you present this beauty: serve & enjoy <3

asian wok vegetables

hey everyone :)
i really really like asian food, whether it is sushi, miso soup, sticky rice or wok *_*
lately i've been cooking  wok vegeatbles with some friends and i tried to make something near it. 
although i don't even have a wok *cough cough* :D

i didn't want to eat rice, so i made some asian 
rice noodles :) they are super delicious, but
i have difficulties to eat them properly :D


* 1 onion
* 1 thumb ginger
* 2 bell peppers
* 4 carrots
* 2 green onions
* 1tbs vegan white wine vinegar
* 2tbs soy sauce 
* 2tbs water
* 1tsp avage syrup
* 1/2tsp lemon grass
* dash pepper

in a pot roast the chopped onion and ginger, until they become lightly brown. 
cut the bell peppers and carrots into thin stripes (i used a mandolin slicer, ways easier than cutting them by hand) and add them to the pot. you have to stir a lot, so nothing storches and the taste can dispere. after two minutes add all the other ingredients, the green onions cut in small slices. let it simmer for 10 more minutes. eat with rice noodles or sticky rice & enjoy <3

Montag, 15. September 2014

sticky brownies

hey everyone :)
it's my brothers birthday tomorrow and i decided to bake him a nice cake or something like that, although he is still very skeptical about the whole vegan thing :D 
some days ago i tried the "100 calorie chocolate cake" by "chocolate covered katie" (by the way if you don't know her, check out her blog, it's amazing *_*) together with one of my baes ;) but there is too much peanutbutter in it for me, so i changed the recepie at some points :)

if you don't mind, you can add some 
peanut butter after baking the brownies,
they go perfectly together :)


* 150g oatfloor 
* 6tbs cacao
* 100g cane sugar
* 1tbs agave syrup
* 7tbs soy yogurt
* 100ml rice milk

just mix everything together until there are no lumps anymore. cover a baking tin with baking paper and fill in the dough. place in the preheated oven at 270C for 10 minutes, then at 160C for another 10 minutes. get out of the baking tin and let cool down for some minutes. cut into big slices & enjoy <3

pumpkin soup

hey everyone :)
autumn is so close :o i can't remember that i have ever been so excited for this season :D but for any reason i am longing for cold, rainy weather, scarfs and hot cups of tea :) 
oh and for halloween of course! some of my best friends and me want to go to a halloween party where we can get dressed up and i am really looking forward to this :D

but anyway, a good friend of mine (who is sharing a) my love for autumn and b) my eating lifestyle) gave me a pumpkin soup recipe for the blog :) 

actually the recipe was with broth
and creme fraiche, but we chose to make it
as simple as possible and left ot out :)

i had some gf bread leftover, toasted & cut it 
into little cubes and used them as croutons :)


* 500g hokkaido pumpkin
* 2 onions
* 2 oranges
* 1chilli pepper

fetch out the cores and cut the pumpkin into rough pieces. peel the onions and quater them. cookthe pumpking and the onions with about 1,5l water for 30 minutes. add the chilli and let cook for 5more minutes. pour off the half of the water. now place the pan on the working surface and blend the pumpkin and everything with your hand blender. add the juice of the oranges and stir until everything is well mixed. add some croutons if you like it & enjoy <3