Mittwoch, 29. Oktober 2014

french toast

hey everyone :)
this is my vegan "french toast" recipe, i don't know if there is already  a special word for it like vrench toast (see what i did there #socreative) but anyhow, i really really like it although i've been sceptical. before i became vegan, i've never been eating sweet french toast, only hearty, so i couldn't really imagine it to be nice this way as well, but now i love it!


* gluten free bread
* 2 bananas
* 100ml rice milk
* blueberry soy yoghurt & some more bananas (optional, not needed for the frenchtoast)

for making french toast it's important that the bread is hard, you can use old bread but you can also toast it or put it in the oven until it's crispy. in a bowl mash the bananas with the rice milk and dip the bread into the mixture until it absorbs some of it. now place the bread into a pan (if it's not coated heat up some oil in it first) and fry it on low heat until they are crispy and brown. 
For this version of french toast i mixed some bananas  and blueberries with some blueberry soy yoghurt (the first one i tried besides the natural one, sooo good!) and dipped the bread into the yoghurt smoothie. but i also like them with some berries or mangos, that's totally up to you. in any case place the french toast and your chosen side dish on your plate & enjoy <3

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