Freitag, 24. Oktober 2014

mashed rice flakes

hey everyone :)
so today i'm going to present you my newest everyday breakfast. i just love it soo much and you can combine it with every fruit you want and it's always delicious! 
it all started when maja made me some of these awsome rice flakes for breakfast. I was addicted immediately and now i'm eating it literally every morning. forgive me, smoothies, i still love you from afar.

i love this combination of warm pulp, hot 
fruits and cinnamon, perfect for this cold
and windy weather.
i really can't wait for christmas anymore,
i want to go on a christmas market and
listen to christmas songs all day long!


* 70g rice flakes
* 100ml water
* 80 ml rice milk
* cinnamon (about 1/3 teaspoon)
* 50g raspberries
* 1 banana

in a small pot heat up the flakes with the water and rice milk until it reaches your prefered texture. now add the cinnamon and the fruits. i used frozen raspberries and heated them up because i love hot raspberries. but as i said before you can eat this pulp with every fruit you like. if you want you can also add some agave syrup. eat as long as it's still hot & enjoy <3