Sonntag, 14. September 2014

broccoli sauce

 hey everyone :)
another pasta sauce for you guys :)
i love broccoli so much but i prefer having a sauce with my pasta instead of
lonely noodles with some broccoli florets here we go:


* 1 broccoli
* 80ml water
* 20ml oat milk
* 1tsp almondbutter (optional)
* 1/2tsp apricot vinegar (or any other vinegar if you don't have a fruity one)

cook the broccoli for about 15 minute, pour away the water (except 80ml, or pour away everything and just refill 80ml) and the oat milk. grab your hand blender and blend until a nice creamy texture has achieved. now just mix in the other ingredients and if you like it a little bit spicier add some cayenne pepper too :) serve with pasta & enjoy <3

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