Montag, 15. September 2014

pumpkin soup

hey everyone :)
autumn is so close :o i can't remember that i have ever been so excited for this season :D but for any reason i am longing for cold, rainy weather, scarfs and hot cups of tea :) 
oh and for halloween of course! some of my best friends and me want to go to a halloween party where we can get dressed up and i am really looking forward to this :D

but anyway, a good friend of mine (who is sharing a) my love for autumn and b) my eating lifestyle) gave me a pumpkin soup recipe for the blog :) 

actually the recipe was with broth
and creme fraiche, but we chose to make it
as simple as possible and left ot out :)

i had some gf bread leftover, toasted & cut it 
into little cubes and used them as croutons :)


* 500g hokkaido pumpkin
* 2 onions
* 2 oranges
* 1chilli pepper

fetch out the cores and cut the pumpkin into rough pieces. peel the onions and quater them. cookthe pumpking and the onions with about 1,5l water for 30 minutes. add the chilli and let cook for 5more minutes. pour off the half of the water. now place the pan on the working surface and blend the pumpkin and everything with your hand blender. add the juice of the oranges and stir until everything is well mixed. add some croutons if you like it & enjoy <3

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