Samstag, 13. September 2014

fig-bell pepper pasta

hey everyone :)
since i discovered some nice gf noodles i'm experimenting a bit more
with sauces. here is one of the results...

sorry for the bad quality, i only did
some pics whith my phone :o


* 3 bell peppers
* 1 small onion
* 5tbs tomato sauce
* 1tbs rice cuisine/ vegan cream (optional)
* 4 figs
* 1tsp agave syrup
* pepper

cut up the onion into small pieces and roast them, deglaze it with the tomato sauce and rice cuisine.
dice the bell peppers and figs and add them too. simmer it for a few minutes, add agave syrup and pepper. serve with pasta, rice or whatever looks yummie for you & enjoy <3

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