Freitag, 12. September 2014

vegan scrambled eggs

hey everyone :)
i wanted to eat something hearty on my gf bread and was searching for something new :)
some years ago i loved scrambled egg on bread, so i tried to do a vegan version...

a friend told me that i can't call it scrambled egg, 
when there is obviously no egg in it.
so it's actually more like a scrambled tofu :D 
sounds pretty weird O.o

the scrumbled tofu or however goes perfekt with a fresh salad!
mine was with dates and a nice tahini dressing :)


* 200g natural tofu
* 2tsp dijon mustard
* 2tsp soy sauce
* 3tsp chive
* 1/2tsp cayenne pepper
* 70ml rice milk
* 1 small onion

in a bowl crumble the tofu, add all the other ingrediens except the and onion. let the tofu steep for some minutes so the taste can get more intense. saute the onion and add the tofu mixture. let it simmer until the required consistence has achieved. eat with bread, salad or simply on its own & enjoy <3

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