Dienstag, 14. Oktober 2014

dangerous yellow lentils soup

hey everyone :)
finally a new blogpost, so sorry for beeing off for such a long time!
but anyway, i had a sleepover with my vegan bae maja where she helped me creating some layout stuff for the blog and of course we also had to eat something. so we created a new recipe that we want to share with you guys!
it was very extempored and i dont have the exact indications of ingredients but it will work this way as well i guess.

look at the colours, look at them *_*

while we added some herbs to the soop, a little 
splash of hot soup savaged my arm and i got 
burned very very badly and my arm nearly 
fell off, not pushing it!!!


* 1 big garlic clove
* 1 big red onion
* thumb of ginger
* coriander
* parsley
* 350g yellow lentils
* 10 savoy cabbage leaves+branchs

cook the lentils and the branchs of the savoy for 15 minutes, add garlic, onion and ginger and simmer for five more minutes. grab your hand mixer and purée until you have a noce creamy texture. cut the savoy leaves into pieces and add with the coriander and parsley. simmer it for about 8 minutes, then fill into bowls &enjoy <3

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