Montag, 15. September 2014

sticky brownies

hey everyone :)
it's my brothers birthday tomorrow and i decided to bake him a nice cake or something like that, although he is still very skeptical about the whole vegan thing :D 
some days ago i tried the "100 calorie chocolate cake" by "chocolate covered katie" (by the way if you don't know her, check out her blog, it's amazing *_*) together with one of my baes ;) but there is too much peanutbutter in it for me, so i changed the recepie at some points :)

if you don't mind, you can add some 
peanut butter after baking the brownies,
they go perfectly together :)


* 150g oatfloor 
* 6tbs cacao
* 100g cane sugar
* 1tbs agave syrup
* 7tbs soy yogurt
* 100ml rice milk

just mix everything together until there are no lumps anymore. cover a baking tin with baking paper and fill in the dough. place in the preheated oven at 270C for 10 minutes, then at 160C for another 10 minutes. get out of the baking tin and let cool down for some minutes. cut into big slices & enjoy <3

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